When will it be possible to subscribe to a single forum ?

Currently we can only subscribe to single topics only, means receive an email for any post in a particular topic or a daily mail digest of all forums of all languages.

I would really like to know if it is just a matter of configuration or if a plugin for FluxBB exists which could allow us to subscribe to a single forum (my country) and receive an email for all posts in that forum only (or a digest per day).

I found this mod for PunBB, don’t know if it will work in fluxbb 1.4 at this point. I’ll investigate.

Thanks for the effort !

I would highly appreciate if I could ignore certain subfora so that browsing through “new” topics could be improved. In my case I would like to hide discussions in languages I can’t follow.

Anything new about this mod for PunBB ?

I’m experimenting with some changes on a local install like utf-8 fixes (a gift from the old forum :frowning: ), this and some other mods. But time to work on it is only about 2-3 hours per day and I’m on holiday next week…

The latest SVN version of FluxBB has an RSS feed option for each forum, would that suffice for you? Or do you want to receive email digests?

Basically, we would like to send an email or a digest to the french osm mailing list. Our community is not so big, we don’t receive very often posts on the forum which means that no one is really watching it. Most of the activities are running on the ML and we just would like to be informed when a new thread is started in our french forum.