When we can attract OSM's attention?

We, the OSM users of Bangladesh are facing a problem from about ancient time. The Bangla names on OSM are not rendered properly. If we write “বরিশাল”, OSM will show “বরশিাল”; if we write “সিলেট” as any place name than OSM will show it as “সলিট”; “পিরোজপুর” as “পরি োজপুর”। It is not a browser/OS problem and we can’t name anything in our own language bacause of this. Please fix it now. I’ve been mapping since 2011, it is very sad that it isn’t fixed yet. Don’t neglect us because of our country size. Bangla is the 9th most used language on earth.

I’d be surprised if anyone from the operations team or the developers of the OSM “standard” style every actually read this forum.

The best approach is probably to raise the problem on IRC in #osm-dev to discuss what the problem actually is (I’m guessing missing fonts on the rendering server, but I’l only guessing).

For problems with the standard style, you should post an issue on Github. https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto
Preferably with links to example locations on the maps, or screenshots showing the problem.

Note there was a previous change, to add South Asia fonts, including Bengali. https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/pull/414
Maybe there is something wrong with the fonts added by that.

We were not aware of this issue. If there’s anything wrong, please let us know! We don’t have Bengali speakers in the development team, and it’s hard to detect bugs in a language you don’t speak.

Indeed the best thing to do is to report an issue on Github. I did do so for you now, see here.

Personally I don’t know what causes this, but hopefully someone else comes along who does.

Thank you