When my edits become public knowledge?

So I have nicely touched up my district, added missing parks, paths ect. to prep it for Minecraft Earth. My edits are live but jet the Minecraft Earth map doesn’t update in the game to include my edits. I asked the devs and others and they said the map is up to date and that my edits need to become public knowledge to show up on the map.
Could there be truth in this? If yes how do I get my edits verified?

The OSM data are public knowledge immediately. Minecraft Earth has a “converter” that is ran to produce the Minecraft Earth maps. Therefore, it seems, that OSM data becomes “public knowledge” when that “converter” is again ran.

The edits are in the database right from the moment you upload them. They are available outside OSM very quickly (go find out about ‘minutely diffs’). Then, different data consumers may download them whenever they wish.

Probably the tech support of Minecraft Earth doesn’t know better.

From what I remember when they started talking about Minecraft Earth is, that the map updates are monthly. In what capacity (always same day, rough estimate, etc) I do not know. So you might have to wait a bit.

Either way, as the above posters have said, once you upload to OSM, your changes are live and available to anyone.