When does garmin OSM downloads get updated?

Hello there.

I’m new to OSM, I downloaded the garmin map from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl but it seems it doesn’t get the file from the live version but from a preuploaded set of img files. My question now is when does the set get updated from the live version?
All this is because I’m working maping my paths and routes around and I want to see those changes in my device as well.

Another question I got is, do the 3 versions (generic routable both styles and openfietsmap) get updated at the same time?

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As you can see from previous answers, this week, this is the wrong forum and something seems to be going wrong with the server for that service.

I’m sorry but as this is a question I thought this was the correct place to post it.

Anyways… So it is going to be updated this week right? thanks for the info.

Also you said the server is not providing that feature correctly… What is the normal map update time?


The date the data was last updated is at the bottom right of the blue map and appears to be updated monthly or sooner. Below that the server status appears to indicate a problem as the request numbers are increasing and normally less than that.
If you go to the Garmin sub forman and scroll back through those questions and answers you will find a link to other versions of maps for you device for when this service is down.
You only need to make a choice of one type of map.
Just copy the .img file to the garmin or map folder of your device. If problems, Rtfm first, then scroll through the Garmin sub forum for a solution as there is a lot of good info provided there.

If you want to make you own maps for your device using the current osm data have a look at using Mkgmap

Thank you so much.