When does a tunnel need to have a man_made=bridge on top?

We map that separately as maxheight anyway.

There’s already been quite a bit of discussion, and it’s becoming hard to follow for someone like me who needs to translate.
However, I’ll try to write down what I consider to be the criteria for a “bridge” and a “tunnel”.

  • If the structure below forms the floor of the structure above, it is most likely a ‘bridge’. If they’re separated, or there’s something like dirt between them, it’s a tunnel.
  • If there is a clear direction and there are railings, it’s likely a bridge; if there is little direction and there are no railings(there may be a fall-proof bump), it’s likely a tunnel (E.g.: covered river).

I usually to determine whether I am going through or over an existing space. If you need to cut in it, like a mountain than it is tunnel. The most common example is a roadway with culvert runing underneath. The culvert is a tunnel because it cuts though the existing road surface.

If you pass over a empty space, then use a brodge. Things like railing are usually associated bridges. They can also be used elsewhere there is a need to keep pedestrians away from nearby dangers. If one of those are falling then the structure is probably a bridge.

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The culvert is a tunnel because it cuts though the existing road surface.

I always thought tunnel=culvert was kind of a hack for carto in pre-hstore times, not that culverts were actually tunnels. If water flows through a tunnel, there will usually be some air above (free flow).

I think your right when it comes to underground waterways. Id seem to want them in tunnels even if they is no reason to believe that is the case.