Wheelmap_visitor credibility

A pub close by is tagged wheelchair=yes - I know for a certain, there is a small step up at the entrance and the toilets are several steps down. I looked at the history, voilà, a user called wheelmap_visitor marked it up fully accessible.

I do not dare to remove that. It is wrong in my view, but what do I know, as I am not myself handicapped, so I may be wrong and the tagging right?

Is there a ramp or alternate entrance you may have overlooked? If not, feel free to change it to wheelchair=no. The “wheelmap_visitor” account is a connector between Openstreetmap and the map at https://wheelmap.org – an edit by it is no more reliable than one by any other OSM user.

How big is the step? Perhaps the legally (or practically) counts as “small enough” for it to still be wheelchair accessible. Ask some local wheelchair users? (That toilets sounds wrong though…)

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