What's wrong with this NJ township administrative boundary?

I recently mapped/tagged a few administrative boundaries for townships in Atlantic County NJ. All of them work fine, except this one:
Galloway Township https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/7176861

It won’t show up in Nominatim results, and the URL used to check directly responds with Bad Request (“Please select a place id”):

I checked it with OSM Inspector and it found an error - a tiny way along the boundary which I missed when adding ways to the relation. I fixed that about a week ago. I’ve checked it over carefully since then, and I don’t see anything wrong. OSM Inspector (Areas view) doesn’t find anything wrong now, and “query” at www.openstreetmap.org on points within report it correctly as an enclosing feature. But nominatim still won’t find it.

There must be something wrong with either the tagging, or the member ways. But I can’t find it. Could someone with more experience in administrative boundary relations, and/or better checking tools, see if you can find what’s wrong?

Never mind. I ‘fixed’ it. There was nothing wrong with the relation.

I ‘fixed’ it by removing a member from the relation, saving, adding the member back in, and saving again. This changed the update time for the relation, which apparently nudged Nominatim to look at it again and decide it was OK after all.

I think I know how it happened, and could reproduce it, but it is a weird case and probably isn’t worth addressing.