What's up with this Kuantan area?


Looks to me kinda funny because everything is segmented (i.e none has a continuous way spanning many nodes). Google earth conversion perhaps? Can’t check with bing aerial imagery since no high resolution exists.

which road is segmented? r u referring to jln tanah putih? it looks connected to me. only prob i see is that the opposite direction is not named

Crap. Wrong area, move a bit to the east. Here http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?lat=3.78431&lon=103.2858&zoom=16
Or search for Zenith hotel. The surrounding area is the one I mentioned.

Sorry guys, i’m working on this area. i’ll clean it up as soon as possible.

wow rajoo u have taken on a HUGE job there! all the best.

yeah…JOSM speeds up the editing. i’ve clean up the overlapping roads and tag the roads. next - input the road names, add POI, add buiding polygons etc etc etc…lol…it is a HUGE job…feel free to join in the fun

Where did you get data for that area? I would love to be able to trace hi-res imagery on areas other than Klang valley (bing doesn’t cover much anywhere else)

gps tracks