What's the right approach for my problem?


I started working with Openlayers and already made some experience. I saw there are many ways to work with OpenLayers e.g. one can use Markers or use Vector or one can define points using GML or whatever. As I am far away from being an expert, I am wondering what is the best apporach for my problem. Maybe one can show me the right direction.

Let me shortly introduce my plan:

First of all, I want to create a local application, not a web application.
I have a list of around 4 000 locations I am currently using in order to calculate distances between them. This data is contained in xls files. The distance calculation is done by another software.

I want to verify this data, i.e. I want to check whether the corresponding coordinates are accessible (some of them appear to be somewhere in the ocean…). Therefore I want to place markers on a map and in case a problem occurs with a certain location, I want to be able search for a locations and check it visually.
Furthermore, it would also be beneficial if every marker has a popup that contains additional information and is closed by default and opens “onclick”.
Lastly I want to visualize networks between my locations - in other words: draw lines.

That’s it.

Now I am wondering about the best way to implement my solution. I already have a solution but I am not sure whether I am on the right track.
I used


to create markers, each having a “tied” popup that is closed by default and I am using


in order to create my lines.
Now I saw that I can import kml files via GML what seems way more simple as I can create kml out of Excel (I wrote a VBA code for this)

What would you recommend? Should I go for GML/KML or is there a better way?

Thank you for you help!