What's the difference between a track and a route?

Should I be tracing out a route to follow on my GPSmap 60CSx or a track?

What do you want to use it for? A track shows up as a line on your gps that you can follow whereas a route takes you from waypoint to waypoint to waypoint.

I tend to use a track to follow on the map screen and a route to follow using the compass rose but that’s just my preference. Following a track also leaves the other gps functions free in case you want to use them en route for something else.

Thanks Followme. What I want to do is plot a route that I can follow on my bicycle. I want to pick the route/track out using MapSource then download it into the GPS then go to the start of the route/track and follow it turn by turn. It looks as though you can both trace a route and a track using MapSource but which one is the one that will work on road turn by turn?


“What I want to do is plot a route that I can follow on my bicycle.”

Sorry to appear dumb but they both will. That said I think you want a Route - where the gps points the way to the next waypoint when you reach the first and so on. I don’t have MapSource but think it’s more or less the same as Basecamp which I have used - though personally I don’t like it. It’s easy to plot a route using these and export to your GPSr.

There are several free routing programmes or webpages - do a Google search. If you are in the UK try this page to create routes - http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm

Good luck & have fun!

Thanks FollowMe. Just what I wanted cheers.