What's included with craft=signmaker?

The English wiki for this tag says only

A maker of signs, mainly for shops and other businesses.

The more extensive entry on the German wiki auto-translates as

The operation of a sign and illuminated advertising manufacturer for the design and production of advertising media and communication systems, such as illuminated and non-illuminated signs, illuminated advertising systems, guidance systems, lettering on facades, shop windows and motor vehicles, as well as lettering for trade fair stands and exhibitions.

I’m looking for a tag for places that make advertising materials: commercial signage, wraps for vehicles, prints on flags or posters etc.

I think this is the most fitting tag, but the English wiki is a bit short, and I’m not sure a native speaker would use it for this kind of business.


The term “sign” covers a much wider range of meanings than the german terms “Zeichen” and “Schild”. It should be fine to use it for all those products described in the german wiki, so I would not hesitate to use it for the purpose you described.

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Turns out that my local signmaker, who I’ve known from childhood, does do some of these at least according to an old Cylex entry. I’d only been aware of his work on illuminated signs which usually require planning permission in the UK.

However, some of the products described can clearly be produced by specialist print workshops as well.