What's going on with OSM + MapBox ?

Hey guys! Can somebody explain me the situation about the partnership between OSM & Mapbox?

For example, I see next screen:

Does it mean that mapbox use osm data? And does it mean that mapbox must upload selected region to the osm database? OR NOT?
Because osm db contains just polygon center, without any borders.


Mapbox is doing a lot with OSM: They add data, they fix data, they use data, …

And OSM contains a lot of Polygons - to be exact 361.576.086 right now.

select count(*) from planet_osm_polygon ;
(1 Zeile)

will grow minute for minute.

btw: where is the area located? go to openstreetmap.org, zoom to location and then copy/paste the url.


The OSM database contains all the edges and vertices of polygons.

Mapbox will, I assume mirror the OSM database, and possibly combine it with other data. I don’t believe they modify the original OSM database in any way.

OSM can represent polygons directly, in which case there is no information encoded about the centre:


Or it can encoded them as combinations of other bounding lines, and included polygons, in which case it is possible to hint at a label position.


This second method allows polygons to be excluded, as well as included.

PS, it helps to include links to objects and map areas, especially in this case, as rekeying Cyrillic text, to search for your example is difficult for people with machines only set up for the Latin alphabet.

I guess it’s Odessa: