what's going on there?


something big gone wrong in mexico?

see http://osm.wno-edv-service.de/index.php/10-osm-reports/404-countries-compare-2015-12-10


@wambacher Thanks for the info - it might be helpful to explain a bit what that link is (people might not have seen that site before) and what a status of “gone” means for e.g. relation 3888418, Tláhuac (9).

For info, although the Mexican forum isn’t as widely used as talk-mx, a link has been posted there: https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-mx/2015-December/000469.html .

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Hi Wambacher,

It’s not clear what’s the issue. We deleted duplicated boundaries from Distrito Federal last week. But we don’t have a clear picture of the issue you reported.