What to do with seasonal structures

I work in a location that has several structures that are tents or structures on wheels that are all seasonal. They are set up in the Spring and taken down in the Fall. Looking in OSM, one of those tents is labeled as a building, which in my mind do not make sense. What are the appropriate setting to implement these objects in OSM?

Makes sense to me, for a tent. It didn’t grow from seed. It wasn’t formed by glaciation or erosion. It was erected. Which means it was built. Which makes it a building. The way to tag it is building=marquee. For trailers, people have used building=trailer.

Add season=* to taste.

The tagging system has evolved over time. If we were to throw it out and start from scratch we might come up with something a lot different. For example, buildings are man-made, so why not man_made:building=garage? But man evolved, just like every other species on the planet, so man is as natural as a beaver, and buildings are as natural as beaver lodges.

You’ll just have to accept that our tagging system is not a perfect match to reality. Of issue proposals for something better.

You mean probably “seasonal=*”:


Such buildings can be tagged as building=tent:


Actually, I meant seasoning=*. Salt and pepper. That’s why I said “to taste.” :slight_smile:

Brian what about building=static_caravan with material=tent, found at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:building
Its used for several caravans and even floating boats used for a home.

I wasn’t going to delete the structure, just classify it to the appropriate category. The reason I brought this up is because the area I work has 3 tents and 3 mobile structures that are all seasonal. However, on OSM, only 1 of those structures is in the system. Since they are currently in the process of setting those up for the season, I wanted to appropriately place them in their location.

As for the Seasonal Key, do I have to add for each season, ie. Seasonal=Spring, Seasonal=Summer, Seasonal=Fall or can they all be placed together, ie. Seasonal=Spring/Summer/Fall or Seasonal:Spring-Fall?

The standard notation for multiple values is to use “;” as the delimiter, although many data consumers cannot cope with this. You cannot repeat the same key more than once for any one object.

So basically, Seasonal=Spring;Summer;Fall

Yes. That is the way of doing it within the rules.