What to call a water tank?

Round concrete water tanks (בריכת מים), often on hilltops, are a very common feature in Israel.
What should we call them? Neither water_tower nor reservoir/coverd seem quite appropriate.

Interesting how the tagging is biased to certain geographies…

There is a proposed feature for storage_tank, where water is one of the suggested values for the content tag.

I’m not familiar with the OSM proposal process, but it seems like there was no further discussion on this proposal since Aug-2011…

I’ve searched the OSM taginfo for “water_tank” and found that most uses are as “man_made=water_tank

I suggest we adopt this approach for the Israel too.

Note that this tag is used for both nodes and ways. I assume people have used the mechanisms to create a well rounded way, such as in Potlatch, to draw the circular shape and size of the tank.