What should I tag?

Hello OSM-Community,

I recently started mapping my neighbourhood in OSM so I’m a complete newbie. I understood the basics of josm and learned a lot about mapping. My question is: What should I map or better what is too much? Is it too much if you map private garages or private gardens, property or driveways?
I was just wandering at what point I should stop mapping :smiley:



  1. Map what you want, what you feel comfortable. Just don’t map personal private data (e.g. is’t ok to map an address, but not who lives in that home o his phone).
    1a. Map what you expect others to map in their neighborhoods to help if you go there.
    1b. Verify what other contributors had mapped in your area.
    1c. The world is full of details to be mapped.
    1d. You can also contribute documenting the mapping progress in the wiki, so other can know what is mapped.

  2. You shouldn’t stop mapping :slight_smile:

And what tag would you use for private property?

the landuse-tag is a little over the top isn’t it?

I would say landuse=residential; access=private.

Note that you can nest this within a larger landuse area.

If it weren’t that walls and fences are an endangered species as the front yards become full width car parks connecting directly onto the highway, also trace those features between the same nodes as the landuse.

I would advise against mapping de facto car parks on front yards as car parks, though.