What mobile software and how to export/import maps?


I have searched and searched, but can’t get a clear overview of what to do.

I am using TrekBuddy and use the http://gm2tb.awokenmind.de/ service to get maps from Google Maps to TrekBuddy. That works fine. I also use TrackBuddy to make tracklogs, and imports them into OpenStreetMap. That also works fine.

But, when I want to use OpenStreetMap on the TrekBuddy, I’m lost. There is this service: http://osm.bandnet.org/browse/ But how do I use it (find the maps I want). There are no search options or nothing. The best thing would be to export maps directly from OpenStreetMap in a format that TrekBuddy reads.

I don’t know if TrekBuddy is the best mobile software for mapreading and treckloging. Do you know of any alternatives that is better than TrekBuddy? I know of http://mom.poco.org.uk/ but it downloads maps, and I don’t want to do that (it cost money). It must use maps preinnstalled on the phone.

So, that should boil down to:

  1. How do I transport maps from OpenStreetMap to TrekBuddy in a simple way?

  2. Is there better mobile software than TrekBuddy?


Well I think the best option for TrekBuddy would be to include native support for downloading Openstreetmap maps tiles. I have no good solution for you perhaps the Trekbuddy people can help you. Try to raise hell there…

I tried trekbuddy and gave up as well, so I understand what you mean.

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