What means "routable", "non routable"

See title for my question. I am used to Oruxmaps…just follow the trail and get a warning when you are going the wrong way.

  1. Say: if I have mounted a track on my GPS (Dakota-wise): how can I program it that at turns I get a warning? Inzooming of map may be?
    I am a trackfollower.


A map is routable if you can use it on a GPS to plan a route between 2 points, the map contains all the information to allow the device to work out what streets or tracks to use to get you from point a to point b. The allow the device to give warnings when a turn is approaching or you’ve gone the wrong way. A non-routeable maps is basically just an image of the map, you can superimpose a track and you position on the map but it cannot give you any navigation aids.

Cannot help with your specific answer about the Dakota but the usual way is to plan you route using software like Garmin BaseCamp on a PC then transfer it to the device along with the required maps.

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