What kind of water tank is this?

During my vacation in a Swedish Fritidshus, I came across several of these water tanks. Is this a man_made=slurry_tank for sewage from the chalets? Or some kind of fire hydrant?

It didn’t stink, so no sewage, I guess. Someone in the Swedish telegram group suggested it might be a ground water pump?

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Can you get a higer-resolution crop of the image showing the sign on the cabinet? Nodra seems to be the water-and-sewage company of Norrköping, SPU339 is presumably some sort of identifier, the text below that looks like it could be some sort of description. The text at the bottom looks like “in case of failure, phone <number>” which, I suppose, could be a last resort. =)

Highest resolution I have.

You said “several” and talked about fritidshus, so maybe it’s a water hydrant system for providing water for movable snow cannons? Are these placed along a track? We have something that look similar here in Helsinki Finland - so that’s were I got the idea. Their purpose is as I said to provide water for snow cannons that can be placed along the skiing track instead of “making” the snow at one site and then moving the snow and spreading it along the skiing track.

This chalet village (Göten) is in a forest at lake Røxen, no skiing happening here.

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These short texts seem to be a kind of name or describing the location.


Yes, “Brantebrott” (or whatever is says) and “Gläntan” are just place names. =(

Nodra is responsible for water and sewage in Norrköping. My guess is that this is sewage pump. They are needed when the sewage is going uphill. On the right side of the round thing you can see a connector for sludge sucction (slamsugning), which indicates that it has to do with sewage.

This looks like it might be Tag:amenity=sanitary_dump_station - OpenStreetMap Wiki so that camping vehicles can dispose of waste. I have never seen one of these in real life.

man_made=slurry_tank or building=slurry_tank is for manure on farms. This is then used to fertilise the fields or used to make biogas. It is a disputed tag. Tag:building=slurry_tank - OpenStreetMap Wiki