What kind of data does the OverPass API collect?

Hi everyone, I built an iOS app called BikeFix that displays bicycle repair stations near the user. The app connects directly to https://www.overpass-api.de/api/ to retrieve this data. Apple recently started requiring more granular information from developers regarding what kind of data each app collects from users. I need to specify exactly what types of information my app collects, so I need to understand what information the Overpass API collects. Unfortunately, the OpenStreetMaps Privacy Policy specifically says that this privacy policy doesn’t cover Overpass API instances run by third-parties, and I can’t find a privacy policy page on overpass-api.de.

Try to ask https://github.com/drolbr (Roland Olbricht) directly if no answer here.

That’s an interesting topic. It seems that websites like https://www.overpass-api.de neither have an impress nor a privacy policy. I’m not a lawyer, but I could imagine that this doesn’t meet the law. Hope all those great projects don’t get into trouble!

overpass-api.de is sponsored by FOSSGIS e.V. so you need to talk to them about the privacy policy. By the way, you can always set up your own Overpass API instance. This is mandatory anyway, if your app exceeds 10’000 requests per day (see Overpass usage policy).