What is the fastest way to splitt europa.osm

I like to split out xml data from the europa.osm file.
Each box is about a small city, and I need to take out about 200.
I need to repeat the process a couple of times each year.

I currently use Splitter which take some time to parse the hole file every time.
I saw that there is a PostgreSQL database together with osmosis.

Is PostgreSQL an alternative, if so what app should I use for extracting a box
Or is there a better way?

need something like :
readdb bbox=6.0,40.0,7.0,41.0 out=file.osm


Yes, Splitter and Osmosis are the first candidates I guess. But there are other splitters who might be a bit faster, e.g. Gosmore has a C-language splitter that is staightforward. You can find gosmore in the OSM SVN repo.

Splitter with the new pbf format also seems quite a bit faster.

OK, I will try Gosmore.

Any recommendations for using PostgreSQL.
It’s a heck of a job to get it working… I think