What is the best website/software for sophisticated route planing ?

Hey altogether,

I’m looking for a possibility to plan routes (mostly for hiking or cycling). So far, I miss some features, especially clicking on a way to see its tags (and also nodes/POIs), which is really important when modifying the calculated route.

I really like Openrouteservice [1] and I’ve also stumbled across BRouter [2] which seems to be highly customizable, but both lack the option to easily check the details of ways/POIs on the map.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

[1] https://maps.openrouteservice.org/directions?n1=48.870869&n2=9.765987&n3=14&b=0&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km
[2] http://brouter.de/brouter/

Locus Map (on Android) integrates with BRouter, using it as the engine for its route planner. I’m impressed that BRouter is even effort-aware, avoiding unnecessary hills in bike- or walking mode.

Now if only Locus had an inspect-OSM feature…

In Garmin’s Mapsource you can create weblinks.
See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Web_link_extension_file

Hello Mojo,

you are aware of this OSM wiki page?


All OSM based routing things should be listed there.

I quite like the route planning at https://graphhopper.com.

Beyond what it does on osm.org, it allows via points and many more modes of travel.