What GPS should I use

This is a fairly normal question and a very har done to answer, I haven’t seen one good answer to it. So I think it needs to be asked in a different manner, the question should be What am I going to do with my GPS. You can’t answer that by just looking at GPS Reviews

So here is a list of what you can use your GPS for. (please suggest what I should add to this)

Handheld GPS features:

  • Use it to look at maps
  • Use it for routing and getting directions.
  • Get coordinates visually
  • Use it in a car, on foor, or on a bike

Openstreetmap features:

  • Hold several days of track logs
  • Log tracks in high resolution (at least 1 point per second if by car)
  • Mark waypoints
  • Edit maps in field
  • Taking pictures
  • Making notes in field, on GPS
  • Recording audio notes
  • Importing current position to an external device (Laptop or mobile phone).

I’ll try to write something about pros and cons about this.