What GPS do you have?

What GPS do you guys have?
What other equipment do you use for mapping?

I have Globalsat BT-335

I use this one: Transystem iBlue-747

I use it coupled with a window mobile HTC TyTN running OSMtracker and a compact camera to take pictures of street sign, features and some more.

I’m not sure how to post a photo here, but here’s the link to what I have:


I’m using a Neo Freerunner with tangogps or bikeator to log the data. I’m usually driving to collect the traces and stopping to take pictures is too cumbersome.

Using a MIO P550 PDA Windows with the tracking software OSMTracker on it.

Actually Im only tracking streets and not writing down streetnames. No Hebrew keyboard! :roll_eyes:

I am using BlackBerry 8820 together with TrekBuddy.


I’m a new user and I plan to cover the northern TA area neighbourhoods (Tel Baruch, Afeka, Hada Yosef, etc.)

I use a Holux GPSlim 236 and a Treo 680 running cotoGPS (http://coto.marsrakete.de/projects/cotogps/)
The cotoGPS tracks are moved to a PC via BT and converted via cotogpsDT (http://coto.marsrakete.de/projects/cotogpsDT/)
Later I plan to use a dedicated Palm TC with an appropriate cable that can hook into the same GPS (no BT in the Palm TC, but the Holux GPS can connect via either BT or serial).


just found this old posting that can be refreshed.

Now I’m mapping with the following Google Android device:

HTC Desire

My favorit applications for mapping are


Did you change your device ?