What do you like most about OpenStreetMap?

First OSM Community experienced people as they are tried their best to provide us with the best quality data about maps
Second, it is free to use and editable, I can navigate where I want to be.


It’s free to use map data that enables me to directly update/add/correct data without any gatekeeping company in between that delays this feedback loop by months.

Also there is a big ecosystem of open source or free tools making osm data useable and useful.


I can map what I want when I want. And everyone has their own style and that makes every part of the map unique, just like art.


That’s why, I am here. :star_struck:


The dog footprints :paw_prints: that OSM Carto draws in dog parks. :paw_prints:

That are actually four things! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The high level of detail, the fact that all the data is “solid” (not the vaguely-defined, AI-sourced, patchy details on Google Maps), the ability to contribute directly and see your changes, and the wide range of uses for the data - from routing to 3D rendering.

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Anybody who wants or needs a map, can have or even make a map. Well, of Earth, anyway.

You might need some help, you might even do much of it yourself. Either way, that’s pretty awesome: we all get to “stand on each other’s shoulders” and be a little taller about our maps.


I love seeing and studying how different cities are organized. When I map roads, I see all sorts of things that prompt me to think “Why don’t other countries do that”?