What do we call a historical marker?

One of the things I do is tag certain places with a historical marker. There is no item that uses that terminology available, I have used the monument tag but am unsure if that is totally correct.
Photo for clarification.


See here.

I will see if we have anything like this, thanks!

What is depicted definitely looks like a monument to me.
You might consider these tags as well:


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To elaborate, memorial=plaque is defined broadly enough to cover plaques mounted on poles, boulders, walls, bridge piers, etc. The Nebraska Historical Marker would be a plaque with support=post.

By contrast, an information=board would be a supplementary board at a site or park that goes into more detail. Often it’ll be at a height that’s easy for children and wheelchair users to read and cross-reference with the surroundings. There’s some overlap between the two when it comes to history lessons.

The U.S. tagging guidelines overview page on the wiki is a good starting point for tagging conventions that mappers around the country have adopted for local or regional programs. Please help document what you come up with for the benefit of other mappers from your state.

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That does not look like Tag:historic=monument - OpenStreetMap Wiki - but rather like Tag:historic=memorial - OpenStreetMap Wiki (with Tag:memorial=plaque - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

Texas Historical Commission plaque is even listed as an example.