what am i doing wrong here ??

I moved the node into the building(nr. 3A), where it belongs, but that node was made by the veterinarian himself(i suppose), and has given me a fault in validation after i just moved it(fault says something about incorrect text of opening hours) →
I also made a node myself for the building next to that(nr. 3)(which gives no faults with validation),but it don’t show up in OSM.

I assume you’re talking about JOSM?

Have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:opening_hours how to “code” opening hours.

I guess your want to put in

Mo-Fr 08:30-12:00,13:30-17:00,18:30-19:30;Sa 09:00-12:30

OK, thanks, i (think) i fixed it. And ,yes it is in JOSM . :wink:
I’ll wait a while to see if the node in building nr.3 also renders . tnx :wink:

But, is it “common”, when someone just moves an “improper” made node (by somebody else), that that node(afterwards) seems to be made by the mover of that node ?

node has a full history
so you can see all it versions