What about the language?

Hi there,
I just discovered the maps and I’m thrilled. So useful!
I want to contribute by sharing my experiences as a wheelchair user with others.

So, what about the language? I checked several places on wheelmap and all the information there is given in German which for me is no problem 'cause I’m German. But what about other users?

Which language should I use when I make an entry? Or does the map’s software automatically chose the users language by their devices language?

Probably a stupid question, I know. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, maybe someone could explain. :slight_smile:

Welcome to OSM and the Forum!

I think nobody answered because it is not clear what you want to do. Did you already try to edit something with iD or JOSM?
Did you read the welcome:


Map language is choosen by browser settings I think.
Different languages are supported in OSM by tags like name: de and name:en or similar tags.

OSM has the possibility to add data in multiple languages. Then the program you are using can pick any of those languages to display to you. So all countries have names in many different languages, cities also have names in different languages. POIs (restaurants, shops, etc) typically only have a name in the local language.

The general rules is that the ‘name’ field is the name of the item in the (main) local language.