Welcome to the OpenStreetMap community forum.

This is the perfect place to talk about

  • Locally specific OSM issues
  • Organising mapping parties
  • Mapping parties aftertalk
  • And more

Hi Lambertus!
Thanks for the welcome. I hope I’ll have something useful to contribute.

Congratulations for the initiative:D

Hi Lambertus, the sticky at the forum says “This is the perfect place to talk about…”, but unfortunately in this (the GB forum’s case) it really isn’t - it’s very low volume. For whatever reason, most of the UK discussion takes place on the GB and IE mailing lists https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-gb and https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-ie (GB for the island of Great Britain, IE for the island of Ireland).

We’ve seen another instance today of someone trying to reach out to the GB community, finding this forum and posting in it, and missing most of the GB community in the process. In this case someone helpfully cross-posted it to the list, but it would be really helpful to have some sort of sticky at the top of the forum explaining the best contact mechanisms for the UK.

I was going to introduce myself to the community, but upon learning that they lurk on a mailing list, I’ll give it a miss. I find mailing lists (especially high traffic lists) inconvenient, and always have - especially since I use so many different devices to get online. That’s a barrier I can’t be bothered to surmount.

talk-gb is not particularly high traffic. It’s just a quirk that the UK/GB community tends to prefer mailing lists: other countries favour this forum.

It’s just reality that British mappers only look at the forums occasionally, and messages here may not got a reply in weeks, or even months. The mailing list can of course be browsed without joining.

I will try and have a look at the mailing lists, but I like the idea of a talk board. Perhaps other people do too.

I have just recently joined and am adding footpaths to the map of my local town, Skelmersdale in Lancashire. Anyone mapping near me, please make yourself known! Or if you are further afield and mapping urban footpaths and cycle paths, perhaps you have relevant advice you can share with me.

If you go to http://resultmaps.neis-one.org/oooc you can see names of users near you.