Welcome Australian OSMers

Note there is a few methods to contact Austalian Mappers

  1. Here
  2. the Official Mailing list view archive here ( online Archive )

Note mailing list atm seems like the best spot for a response but feel free to encourage them to use the forum

Also more information is on the Wiki Australian Section

Also SteveZ has created some Garmin IMG files from the OSM files which are updated monthly available on his website

and another website which generating regular Garmin map IMG file and information : osmaustralia

Hello World!!

Lets keep the mapping happening.

Anyone found a way to drive the car without burning fuel?


I thought you Ossies would know how, as you host the World Solar Challenge each year!

Glad to see the subforum created. I wonder how many users will “cross the final frontier” and make posts here. Having the same login details as the main OSM site helps things alot.

It’s funny how some people can’t get out of th old ways.

Heaven forbid we offer a ‘twitter’ based service. They’ll have a stroke.

Yes but there are two things/groups standing in the way.

  1. Oil Companies - obviously they stifle competition for their black drug
  2. Goverment - Don’t want too much free energy coz they haven;t worked out how to tax it.

Hello folks,

I’m new to the OSM project and although this part of the fourms seems quiet, I thought I’d say a quick hello.

I live in a little place called Bowen Mountain near Kurrajong in the north western section of the Blue Mountains behind Sydney.

I’ve been out doing a few GSP traces of my local area, and I’ve put Bowen Mountain on the map, so to speak! I’ve also been fixing up some errors I’ve found in the data around the area and adding more detail data (amenities, schools, parks etc) as I go.

I’m looking at getting a better GPS with an external antenna to assist with more accurate data logging, as many of the places I’ll be working in don’t have hi res Yahoo imagery available.

I’ve also put routable OSM maps into my Garmin GPS and find the quality of the data awesome in the areas that I travel.

Anyway, just thought I’d say hello, I’ll stop now before I start to ramble.



welcome to the OSM forum, good to here about any new data contributed to the Australian maps.

G’day cobbers ( <— in case any Yanks read this - they’ll think we actually talk like that!)

I work in a job that takes me out in the field and to some non-highway locations all over the Fleurieu Peninsular, south of Adelaide.
The office I work out of is located in Goolwa.

I’ll tell you what … the Govt isn’t going to make mapping this area too easy - there’s more and more land appearing every day as the Lower Lakes and lower Murray River area dries up. They’ll need to rename Hindmarsh Island to H. Peninsular soon because the river will not be seperating it from the mainland.

I look forward to helping out this project in the future.

Hooroo mates,

Hi everyone,

Signed up just today, came across OSM whilst using Marble. Anyway I have a made a few very simple updates, ie POI’s - pizzeria, doctors surgery, and not much else! Anyway I hope to increase my input in the very near future! I am located in Sydney and know the area fairly well. Since I am here I have a few questions:

  • Train stations in Sydney, I edited a map where I have added a Train Station icon where there was none, however upon looking at the ‘view’ I noticed that all stations are already marked with a blue square with the name of the station, also in blue text. How can I remove my entry? It hasn’t been updated as yet as I didn’t make my change in ‘live changes’.

  • I have some old NRMA maps, these are given free to members. Are these okay to refer to, use?

Well this is all for now. Looking forward to being part of this project! Cheers :smiley:

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that I am based in central Victoria, am a keen geocacher, 4wd’er and bushwalker. so should be able to contribute some more remote tracks.
Am concentrating my efforts to date around Seymour Vic, near where I live.
Am getting acquainted with the nuances of Potlatch,

Just wondering, is there a system of identifying tracks that are gravel into

  1. 2wd, all weather
  2. 2wd, dry weather only
  3. AWD - all year access
  4. AWD - seasonal access
  5. Low range 4wd only - all year access
  6. Low range 4wd only - seasonal access


not entirely sure but you can search on the Wiki or perhaps post the question on one of the more general threads etc…
BTW welcome to OSM fellow cacher…

Hey Guys,

Also new to OSM. I live in Nhulunbuy in the NT. I have been loading some of the local roads from around town. We don’t have many tarred roads so I have nearly done all of them. I wan’t to start looking at the dirt tracks around town soon. I carry my gps when I go camping anyway so I’ll just grab some gpx’s while im at it.


Did you have any luck working out how you identify road types? Most of our roads around here are also seasonal. I’d hate to be responsible for sending someone in a camry into a mudhole.


New member here, having fun finding areas not mapped and tracing over nearmaps data.

I recently moved to Berwick Victoria but work in Warragul and used to live in Drouin. Berwick is covered by yahoo and nearmaps imagery so this makes tracing roads easy. The two country towns are a lot more difficult with no satellite imagery available at a zoom thats usable. Some towns around here have maybe 1/2 roads of the dozen and growing roads that exist. More country imagery would be great.

I am really interested in trying to get interest from communities to help out more. If even 1 person from each street/road helped with OSM all streets would appear and be named. I don’t expect to get that level of interest but it seems as though not many people know about this great project. I only found out about it because I got a new phone that has a GPS built in (HD2) and was looking for GPS maps of Aus that weren’t expensive.

Also my phone allows me to take a photo with GPS coordinates in the exif data, it seems that generally you map images to a gpx timeline which makes sense but being able to import images on to a map from its exif data would be of great benefit to me while going for walks without having to trace the whole thing. Does anyone know how to do this?

Last thing, anyone tried asking their local council for copyright free maps or mapping data they can use? If anyone has had success I would be keen to try, from what I understand most of their data is from the state government which is not free and copyrighted.

FYI I came across this tool to remove duplicate Nodes on the OSM map.


Any ideas on how many active mappers there are in Australia at this moment?

Hi Thewre;

really really new to this stuff, GPS in general

All, I have ever used in the past was the old car gps, nothing flash and everything pre loaded.

Now I have purchased a garmin GPSMAP 64S and the whole new world of GPS stuff is opening up, and its a big world.

I have heaps of questions Ill start asking, please be aware Im totally GPS chalenged.



I live in Melbourne, VIC. I’m fairly new to mapping after recently discovering GEO caching.
So I apologise in advance for excessively asking stupid questions.

I get around by bicycle and have started getting into bicycle touring/camping. I plan on mapping cycleways and bicycle-friendly streets around the Greater Melbourne area first.