Weitere Themes für Discourse?

Für Discourse gibt es Vielzahl an Themes. Wie können die hier genutzt werden?

unter Profil - Einstellungen - Oberfläche gibt es vier Möglichkeiten zur Auswahl.


Note that currently only the default theme is installed.

Feature request: Please provide additional themes. Especially those that implement a (very) compact representation.

… and if there are any that use text instead of the various pictures, that’d be good too.

Right now replies etc. don’t show who a reply is to, they only show the user’s first initial (which is rubbish) or a piece cut out of the middle of their avatar (which is even worse). As an example, the participants in this thread are someone whose OSM name begins with “T”, someone hiding behind a bandstand, and a bit of detail from a small island somewhere. The names are familiar from OSM but the tiny pieces of picture are not.

As discussed during the Forums governance team meeting - 2022-10-06 these kind of modifications are encouraged to be made by users client-side for now, themes will require a reliable team developing it to be considered:

Site design, involving users in theme selection/modification

  • Wait for sidebar update, see if it helps users to track content in categories they are specifically interested in without resorting to muting a lot of categories
  • We will immediately tweak the icon size. We expect this to be unlikely to cause breakage on updates.
  • Further changes (e.g. visibility of local communities, placing icons in-line with titles on mobile, reducing/removing list of topics on mobile) are likely also possible through CSS changes. We’ll test and consider these in the future.
  • Themes elsewhere (e.g. with MediaWiki) have been quite painful because of their maintenance requirements when new versions of the software are rolled out. Adding themes to our Discourse installation should therefore not be done lightly, it would require a reliable team developing the theme.
  • Client-side changes with browser extensions such as ublock or stylus do not impose this maintenance burden. Some users have started configuring and sharing rules to tweak the appearance of the community forum according to their preferences.

Hmm … please “modify on client side”. What does that mean? And how to do this on a tablet?

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You can use browser extensions such as the mentioned stylus on Firefox for Android.

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Conclusion: The OSM discourse team is currently not willing to put the subject “more themes” on the feature list. Instead the recommendation is: do it by yourself with obscure and limited tools like stylus.

Do you happen to have any suggestions or ideas how to deal with the maintenance topic that has been brought forward as a major blocker to introducing new themes?

The topic of maintenance is a “killer argument”. This problem always arises and for almost everything. A developer enjoys developing and not the subsequent operation, further development and maintenance. In this respect this argument is not very helpful. The problem with the maintenance can be solved only by open source (with several contributors).

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… or by actually paying people to do boring stuff that they wouldn’t otherwise volunteer to do. I’m not sure that this example is important enough to merit it, though.

I don’t quite get the maintenance argument.

If you install a popular, pre-made theme into a forum, there is no maintenance effort. In case of an update of the base forum software, you would expect to find a compatible version of the theme, too. Worst case is that it takes a while for the maintainer of the theme to adopt it and it is unavailable for a while.

You would only have a maintenance effort if you develop your very own theme. I wouldn’t consider that. But the request above was to provide existing themes. So I believe the linked decision does not really match this request.

So feature request: Provide some existing, popular themes for users to select from.

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