Weird Routing in Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone

Hi all, I was wondering what could be the issue with the routing as shown in

I’ve been taking Grab just fine for last month until last week, all of the routings going throught that area got re-routed the long way round even when the gate isn’t closed in between the two points i picked on the map (shown in image). It used to be a straight routing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, have seen your edits over the area.

Well, that’s strange. The latest edits over the affected area were made a year ago. I suspect the routing software got buggy this week, and unfortunately the buggy route is reflected through OSRM (I was able to replicate the long-winded route too).

Let’s see any changes probably in a week or two (hey, it’s festive season outside our country, so, yeah, expect delays, maybe).