Weird bug??

While I was busy checking my home region for errors (via , I noticed that there were a bunch of so-called “intersections without junctions” (red lighting signs). In potlatch, I saw nothing weird, and also in JOSM nothing showed up at that region.

Later, when I zoomed out, I noticed that there actually was a big, “inexisting” way/line that was causing this errors. Have a look at it yourself, I don’t know what this is, since it’s not visible in potlatch/JOSM.
Have you seen anything like this before? Does it need to be fixed?


It looks like it was caused by this way:
It seems someone had added a node at 0N, 0W. Which made this a very long way, going all of the way to the equator, so it intersected with loads of other ways.

It looks the problem was fixed on 5 July. Keepright says it was updated on 14 August, so I’m not sure why it is still showing as an error. It seems like a bug with Keppright, could be worth reporting it.