Weekly Riot chat digest - Volume 1 - 10/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

First of all, a short introduction. Based on discussion in chat, we feel it’d be good to open up about what’s discussed in the Riot (or IRC) chat channel, and distribute a summary of it (on a weekly basis) through forum and mailinglist. For now this is a one-man-operation, we’ll see how it evolves over time.

By all means, add your input here, or pitch in on the topics discussed in the Riot chat channel (link in the sticky on top).

So… here goes!

wow … a lot ‘to discuss’ :stuck_out_tongue:
the first sentence of your list ; Glenn informs about how to map a ‘tractorsluis’ (physical construction to allow tractors to pass, but not normal cars).

I ‘updated’ the wikidata of that ‘carterbreker’ , but is then barrier=bus_trap not also ‘categorized’ on ‘sump buster’ tag ? Because it seems that there are ‘different’ bus traps, … sometimes a ‘depth’ , and sometimes a ‘bump’ in the road →

Technically, no, target different vehicles and also different method.
The sump_buster requires a certain ground clearance, the bus_trap does not.
(and a sump_buster will stop a bus but a bus_trap might not stop a tractor)

I have to admit though - I’ve not seen a bus_trap like that in real life.
I’ve read about variations on the ‘tractorsluis’ though - but those would involve having a stretch of road replaced by basically a sandpit - tractor will get through but car probably won’t. I’d guess there’s more versions of ‘tractorsluis’ then just the sump_buster, but in this particular case, that was the appropriate tag.

PS: Glad to see you join in. It’s not always going to filled with ‘discussable matters’, sometimes it’ll just end up being a summary of what’s said, questions asked and answers given. But at least it’s a bit wider accessible compared to just the chat channel alone.

how is then a 'bussluis’ called ? bus trap or sump buster ?

EDIT ; maybe the people whom named those images are wrong, and should named (some of) those images as ‘carterbreker’(sump buster) instead of bussluis(bus trap) ? I updated also that wikidata, because i think, something with a ‘bump’ on the road, is (logically) a sump buster … :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I agree with the part you added in your edit.
‘Carterbreker’ is probably a more neutral term to discribe what it is, the signs should clarify who can or cannot pass there… (thus differentiating ‘bus-sluis’ and ‘tractor-sluis’)

yep, i also think that a bussluis is something with a possible ‘bump’ on the road ( as in a rising bollard) →
or a ‘depth’ in the road →

Feel this is a good way to archive the main subjects - short of adding to the OSM wiki; sorry to see this initial is also the so far last edition.