Webstart JOSM

Hi mappers,

How a bout the local use of JOSM, without a connection ?
The old option was install JOSM locally and use it without need to use a connection. Very handy.
But using WEBstart sounds like it, as JOSM needs to be used by using a live connection, do I have a misunderstanding ?

I have used JOSM without any connection but you must have already downloaded an area and saved it as an OSM file beforehand. Of course, any edits you make on that local OSM file won’t be in place until you can upload them.

Is that what you’re asking about?

This page suggests to me that there is an option to use Java Web Start without internet access

Seems a bit odd as WEBstart implies to me that you need access to the internet to start it, but maybe I am misunderstanding the function of the option.