Websites using OSM :

If you found a link/website, using OSM, post it here, with some short ‘description’ ; → website(Dutch) for people who are bitten by ticks, mainly to ‘counter’ Lyme disease.

Every site that is listed here and especially here. - adventure travel blog, bicycle touring and cross-country skiing.

OSM is used to display a travel route from uploaded gpx file. Technically: Drupal 7 with OpenLayers, OpenLayers Views, Geocoder and geoPHP modules.

Samples from Iceland, Trentino, Brandenburg:

Thanks for your work, Guys.


FlightPath3D uses OSM for several airlines →

It’s not really a website, but the app “Snapchat”, which became very popular in the last years, launched a new map feature called “Snap Map” wich is powered by Mapbox! :sunglasses:

(Australia) … Live updates, traveller information and personalised alerts for NSW roads.