website OSM in Android browser not correct displayed

After using within an Android browser for a long time with great pleasure I suddenly get a large white horizontal area covering just more than the upper half of the screen. The OSM map is visible below the white area. Trying the website within another Android browser does not help. What happened? Have other people similar problem? How can I solve it?

I use Android 5.1.1 on Nexus 5


Cab you provide a screenshot about that?

it was on the osm talk mailing list as well. One of the site maintainers wrote that it will be fixed soon. that was 8 hours ago.

Ah, I see it is indeed fixed now. Thanks!

But another issue arises now (still within an Android browser): I insert a name in the search field, for example Maastricht, then press “go”. I get a search list, which is normal. Selecting one item on this list, for example “suburb boundary Maastricht”, results in a “relation” page with text only, not a map showing the suburb boundary of Maastricht. To get the map, I have to press the cross upper right to remove the “relation” page. Of course the boundary is also gone on the map.

I think this “relation” page is unnecessary intermediate step in the whole process. I hope this can be fixed as well.

Nevertheless, thanks for removing the big white area!!