Website Implementation Questions


we want to create a CMS System for windload calculations which has the Openstreetmaps Search implementated for different countries.
From the search we want to get the following datas:
1.) GPS Coordinates
2.) height above sea level
Example 271m for 46.498° 11.355°
3.) Costal distance (distance from the shoreline)
4.) Link national standards (wind maps) to our server.
Example UK:

I think 1.) and 2.) is possible about 3.)+4.) i don´t know how to do it.

What i found about 1+2.):
1.) I did read some artical in the WIKI and found that for the Search it is needed to use
There is also a good example here:

2.) can we do this with nominatim?
I found also this: but we don´t want to have two APIs.

3.+4.) ???

Would be nice if someone can help me with those newbie questions and maybe link directly to the documentations which we need for our programmer.

Many thanks in advice!

Kind regards,