We now own www.openstreetmap.in.th, what can we do with it?

I noticed that the domain openstreetmap.in.th had become available, so I bought it right away. I do not have any specific plans with the domain, I just didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Now that we own it, what can we use it for?
https://www.openstreetmap.in.th (just a quick mockup)

Here are some other national OSM pages for inspiration:

I already have a few ideas myself, but I’ll have to post them a little later as something just came up.

Great move, Johnny.

We could do Thailand specific things, like make a tag for amphoe. I’ve been cheating by calling them towns to make them more prominent. Sorry.

Bike roads.

@Tom: For having Amphoe they should be mapped like other administrative regions. These boundaries is one of the few cases where we actually might need an import. Boundaries are hard to verify on the ground.

For the domain: Do you mean you want to have a specific map there? I think this is not exactly what Johnny asked. He did not buy a server. He just bought the name.
If you want to create a special map rendering, I can provide you resources on my server to do. You might also want to check out Mapbox Studio as a quite easy tool to create custom rendering.

My idea for a country specific domain is more a portal one.

We have not that many locals supporting OSM. It is currently being brought up by a handful of enthusiastic foreigners.

This is not how OSM is supposed to work. It needs the local community to garden the data.

I hope that with a local domain we can create such a place where interesting local parties find information about OSM tailored to Thailand specifics. This includes probably having most of the page written in Thai.
Here I also see the difficulty. This involves work from native speakers or others with good Thai skills. Unfortunately I am out at this point.
I am happy to help with technology to set it up and with ideas for content. But the actual writing part needs to be done by others.