waypoints/tracks without mapsource? SOLVED

i’m using an etrex legend hcx. as far as i can see waypoints and tracks are not saved on my sd card but into some kind of internal memory. how can i read them without using mapsource?

background of the question: i’ll be in asia for a while in winter, and 1000 waypoints and 20 tracks seems not enough by far for mapping. finding a pc with usb will be no problem, i just need a way to get my information out of the device into some kind of usable file format.

greets from germany, micha

Try GPSBabel. This tool can pull data from the internal memory of a legend.

nice :slight_smile: exactly what i needed.

in case anybody needs the full solution:

gpsbabel -t -w -i garmin -f usb: -o gdb -F backup.gdb

gets tracks (-t) and waypoints (-w) from input format garmin device (-i garmin) on usb (-f usb:)


saves as output format gdb (-o gdb) into the file backup.gdb (-F backup.gdb)

The Legend HCx will save tracks on the memory card, if you enable that option. Probably on main menu → Tracks - > Setup → Data Card Setup. So add a 2GB card, and you can easily store months worth or tracks.

Though this doesn’t work for waypoints, they are always stored on the internal memory. And yes, GPSBabel is a good option for downloading them.