Waypoint disappeared

I’ve been using my Garmin Etrex in combination with these maps quite successfully now for some time. Thanks for all those that put their time and energy in providing those free maps.

Recently I have run into a small but very annoying problem. I’ve spend considerable time trying to figure it out, but can’t. It must something very simple and obvious I just can’t figure it out.

So here goes; A while ago the very first waypoint I created in Basecamp was “HOME”. All my trips start and ultimately end at “HOME”. Worked fine for several months and many trips that I plan on my computer and then subsequently download to me Etrex. Etrex shows the identical HOME.

All of sudden HOME has disappeared from my Basecamp view. When I wanted to put in a new HOME waypoint, it tells me a waypoint with such name already exists.
When I load routes previously made, waypoint HOME is there as well.

It’s just not visible when I start Basecamp and want to make a new route and I can’t seem to redefine a new HOME as Basecamp tells me it already exist.

So I’ve been looking for a setting such as “show all waypoints” or similar, but I cant find that either.

I hope I’ve managed to make my small, but very annoying, problem clear. How do I get my HOME waypoint back, so it always shows in Basecamp?

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.



Do you have any lists or folders within “My Collection” (the panel on the top left)? If you have a list selected, then BaseCamp will only show the waypoints/routes/tracks within that list. If you select “My Collection” it should show everything within all of the lists.

Also, at the bottom of the panel on the left, there is a button for data filters. These have options for show waypoints/show routes/show tracks etc. If you select one of these, it will only show those things in the list.

So I do have the home in Mu collection!