"Way" is actually a "parking=surface"

There is a parking lot (“parking=surface” or “amenity=parking”) in my town, and there’s currently just a “way” that outlines the aisles.

Is the proper edit to delete that “way” and replace it with an “area” or do I just draw an “area” over top if it? I’m relatively new to editing, so I wanted to make sure I do it the way it’s supposed to be done.

Thanks in advance!

(p.s. using JOSM, if it matters)

If the aisles on the parking area are there, than I would draw a area on top of it. (amenity: parking)
And map the roads as highway: service service: parking_aisle

Hey, can you link the are you mean? Its easier to give advice then.

After posting I’d seen someone do something very similar locally, so I think that, seeing as that’s already a “precedent” here, that’s the way to go.