Waterway barrier

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I´m armchair mapping looking at a waterfall with a reservoir of water blocked by a weir or dam. Seems to be a road on both sides, so it´s possible to drive.

Latitude: 14.50 Longitude: 0.4488

Any recommendations for mapping (I use JOSM)?

Try again please, no water at that location.

Sandal man

More precise this time,

Latitude: 14.5054389 Longitude: 0.4488328

On Bing it looks like a dry river so I map that with a ford

It is a dry river to the right and the reason why is that a concrete barrier stops the water.
If you look to the left of the barrier, it is water like a reservoir.
I´m looking at Bing imagery also.

If it’s a concrete barrier it’s rather waterway=dam than weir.

Thank you maro21. As you are probably right, I change it to waterway=dam.

Regarding the highway, can I link it directly to the dam? Or do I make the highway adjacent to the dam?

And the water to the left - the reservoir - should it link directly to the dam?

I would link the reservoir with the dam.

For the road, I would link them if you use a way for the dam. That’s because the road is (as far as I can see) directly on top of the dam, and they are the same structure.

But you could also use an area for the dam, and then the road can run along the middle of the area - something like the bridge here, but replace the bridge with the dam.

Thanks for yr recommandations, eteb3:)