Water reservoirs in JOSm

How do I map a water reservior - the water part of it and the concrete part?

natural=water; water=reservoir

Thanks. And the concrete part??

I don’t think there’s an accepted tag for that. It has been proposed to use landuse=reservoir for the whole (water + concrete), but it has in the past been used for just the water, and renderers and other tools will still interpret it as such, so it cannot be used (yet) at this time.

Do you mean a dam? If so, then waterway=dam. If not, then you’ll have to explain what you mean by “the concrete part”.

Hi Honning, it is as Andre suggested, there is not a regular tag for the concrete building that is called basin, but that depends on the size of the basin. A large lake could also be a basin when its part of a power plant. That dos not mean that it could change in time. It took 10 years to get man-made bridge and in due time there will be a tunnel as well. OSM is a living and dynamic structure, it is still growing into maturity.
On the other hand, it is based on your way of mapping, do you focus o POI’s or do you build a map, that makes a good impression of the outside world possible ?
Any question should it be mapped or tagged that is answered with or based on “its not a subject in the tagging list”, is a false argument. It just might not be used by a renderer, but the most basic rule in OSM is dont map for the renderer ?