Water mines in OSM

I am interested in mapping the entrances and underground tunnels of water mines. There are countless water mines in Spain, where I live, either as horizontal wells into a hillside, or as tunnels to carry the water downstream to an exit.Many of the features do show up on the surface, such as the vertical tunnels used to clear material from the original excavation, but the actual mines themselves are mostly underground. The work of rehabilitating these mines often involves simply finding them, since even when they are found on old maps from a century previous they may be inaccurate, or have collapsed in some places and be inaccessible and hard to find, so any clues are helpful. Is OSM the right place to do so?


I see no reason why not. There are plenty of examples of people investigating old mines and associated works on OSM in places as diverse as Bolivia, Brazil, India, Germany and the UK. Take a look at some of the historic pages on the wiki.

Just be careful if surveying, and tag its status correct for safety.