Water/land and multipolygons

I’m trying to update Port Grimaud. Currently the area is built up with a “lake” multipolygon relation, with the “islands” as the role=inner bits. See this site for a good aerial view.

I’ve added landuse=residential to these inner polygons, but they’re still not showing up on the OSM renderer. Any ideas how I should best fix this up?

Guess this is caused by the two primary tags on outer: leisure=marina and natural=water. It’s up to the renderer what is drawn. Standard shows the marina but not the islands: “Mapnik marks a marina using a dotted blue line which is not filled in unless suitable tagging”.
Whereas cycle map and the transport map draw water and islands.

I follow this page for guidance on multipolygons :- " http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Multipolygon_Examples " It indicates that the tags should be removed from the “outer way” and placed on the multipolygon itself. Also the large island which includes a car park should be made into a multipolygon, again the tags should be removed from the “way” and put on what will be a nested multipolygon, nested within the first multipolygon. Regards.

I read that and did as it advised: put the tags on the relation. The renderer is happy now, and the data has not been “bent” just to achieve good rendering. I’ll have to think through the car park: a) not sure what’s wrong with it at the moment, but b) it’s not really a car park IMO.

Thanks for the help.