Wanted: German forum moderator

In light of the recent Gaza discussion I would like to appoint someone (or more then one) moderator on the German subforum. I see a moderator as a normal user with powers to act only when flamewars or spam appear. There is no need to read every topic or post, just to respond when reports are made. I don’t want the moderator to become a dictator who uses it’s powers to enforce it’s own ideas on mapping and such, so preferably a senior member with a calm and serious character who is willing to do the job long term. Please send me an email if you’re interested.

Dann schlage ich John07 zum politisch Korrekten Forummoderator vor :smiley: War ja schließlich seine Idee http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=2256 Alua akbar!


Wir haben doch schon einen Mod. ?! Wenn ein weiterer gebraucht wird, schlage ich TEL0000 vor. Georg

Yes, you have a mod since yesterday evening. But he suggested to have maybe more than 1 because of redundancy, so if there is another suitable candidate then I’m all for it.

I agree :wink: He is one of those who are qualified I think. Edit reg. below: Thanks Georg :slight_smile: I’ll try to meet the demands. But help would be highly appreciated :wink:

The first one is a good Choice. Congratulation Kristian :slight_smile: I think TEL0000 is the right one too for this “job”. He is serious and neutral. Georg

Danke erstmal für euer Vertrauen. :slight_smile: I think we don’t need to use the moderator functions very often. If you choose me for this Job, i will try do my best… :slight_smile: Edit: And by the way, i think Hobby Navigator would be good for this job too.

Yep, I think krza, Hobby Navigator and TEL0000 would be a good team!

Well, I don’t expect the moderators to become busy. It’s just in case of flamewars or spam which doesn’t seem to happen often…luckily :slight_smile: Ok, TEL0000 will be added to the moderator team. I expect two will be enough for a long time to come. TEL0000: please add an email address to your forum profile, so that others can contact you. Thanks! Edit: I’m no longer searching for moderators

Glückwunsch :slight_smile: *Congratulations *

@TEL0000 Auch an dich einen herzlichen Glückwunsch :slight_smile: Jetzt heist es noch mehr nachdenken vor dem Klicken :wink: VG Georg

Done. :slight_smile:

Danke. :slight_smile: Auf jeden Fall muss ich jetzt aufpassen, dass ich nicht aus versehen den falschen Beitrag bearbeite. :slight_smile:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und auf wenig Arbeit für die Moderatoren… :wink: