wanted: Downloadable MapQuest Open with terrain

Is there a way to download the Mapquest Open map with the terrain texture to be used in Basecamp and transferred to Garmin GPS?
I’ve downloaded the Generic Routable maps but would really like to have the terrain view of Mapquest Open.

Talking about my Garmin maps; there is slow discussion about using terrain data but no real action planned. I would like to provide this, but it is a real challenge providing worldwide coverage.

I think Guavadude is referring to a shadow relief map, which we cannot provide (we can only add contour lines).
Garmin sells them in the modern units (or you can ‘find’ such basemaps on torrent sites, search for Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap, but they dont work on older GPS units).

hi guys, yeah I want a terrain map like google has. It’s also here when you select Mapquest Open under the right hand pull down:

It just seems that if Mapquest has this version of an OSM I should be able to download it like the standard OSM, which to my knowledge is what I get when I download from this site.
I don’t care so much about it being 3d rendered in the Montana, I just want to be able to see the contour of the terrain without using the topo maps which are hard to read.

on the link above there’s an export function but it seems very limited in sized tiles. If I could just get exactly what Mapquest Open is showing, even if it’s not routable, that would be great.
Of course if it could route as well that would be the perfect solution.


I’m sorry but we can’t provide that in Garmin format.

I found the Basemap you mentioned but it seems to be the same as the one that came with my Montana. It does have a slight terrain view to it but
is useless for mapping since the data is so slim. As soon as I zoom in, CN takes over and all terrain is lost.

So when you say you can’t provide a true terrain view in Garmin format, is it a technical issue or a conflict with a product they sell. I’m not finding anything available with that view.