Want to use an external map for editing


to complement some missing data (a small stream currently ending before its mouth in OSM) I want to use an external map, where this stream is present (http://www.geoportal.de/DE/Geoportal/Karten/karten.html), since on all the satelite photos normally available here for editing it isn’t visible. Is this possible somehow? I’m using editor iD.

In another question here I learned, that for this purpose iD has the custom background feature. The problem would be, how to specify the desired map section on the geoportal site. Is here anyone, who does know this?

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You MUST NOT use that map as a source for OSM. The site says:

Although my German isn’t good enough to search the terms of use in depth, I would expect an open data licence grant allowing use in OSM would appear next to the the copyright notice. As it doesn’t, you would be in breach of someone’s database rights if you tried to copy it into OSM and also in breach of the OSM terms of use.

Your second question is no longer relevant given that you cannot trace over the map from that site. However, if you had map tiles from a properly licensed source JOSM would be much easier to customise.

You need to actually go to the place and trace the course of the stream using satellite navigation, if there is sufficient view of the sky, or by measuring relative to already mapped features.