Want to correct misstake

I Took the wrong roof type by mistake.By the App street complete. How can I correct it. I have access to osmand, street complete, and browser.

and browser.

Is that on a PC, or just on a phone?

On a Phone. Why do you ask?

On a PC, when you browse to https://www.openstreetmap.org you’ll see an “edit” button, and you can use that to edit the data directly. On a phone you won’t see that, but if you zoom in and add “edit” to the URL like this:


you should be able to use the iD editor in a mobile browser. You’ll probably want to expand “tags” at the left-hand side and edit those directly, and you may find it’s better in landscape mode than portrait.

Another option is the Vespucci editor, which you can read about at http://vespucci.io/ and is what I normally use when editing things on a phone. Simple tag changes (which is what you want to do) are very straightforward there.

I believe StreetComplete has an undo button that allows you to take back answers to quests. This may be too late now, but perhaps it’s useful to know in the future.

Otherwise, I agree that with SomeoneElse that using the editor built into the osm.org website would be the easiest way to fix the error. Especially if you have access to a desktop or laptop computer (which the UI seems to have been originally designed for), but it should work on a phone as well.

If you know your changset id you can revert using this simple tool

In the bottom left if someone is looking for it.

I used openstreetmap.org to edit. The beginner course is realy good . Thanks to all for support.